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Digital Mobile Lifestyle

With a smartphone in hand, you have everything you need! DB3 is committed to creating a mobile platform that integrates deposits, financial management, payments, entertainment and international exchange solutions. Stay connected and use it anytime conveniently!


Balanced Investment

DB3 currently mainly invests in digital currency and CFD trading. We deploy an intelligent MT4 system to conduct non-stop 24-hour trading in ensuring stable income.



Blockchain is based on distributed ledger technology, which securely records information across a peer-to-peer network. It is the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin which has market value exceeding USD 100 billion!



DB3 Digital Crypto Banking is committed to providing its clients with “banking services” catered for their cryptocurrency investment.


DB3 International Holding Limited, is an UK entity (Company No. 11520000), with a registered capital of £100 million. Core business sectors include cryptocurrency, blockchain and banking.

Our bank license is registered in Dominica(Dominica, Digi Bank Corporation, no.2892), with operations as a private offshore bank, primarily catering to institutions or High Net Worth Individuals in providing them with global assets investment and management services.

DB3 Digital Crypto Banking is established to satisfy customers’ growing needs for cryptocurrency investment and management, on top of harvesting a greater market potential.


DB3 Crypto Wallet currently supports BTC, ETH and USDT. Clients can choose from various deposit plans offering different daily interest rates, with simple and convenient executions, such plans can be terminated by clients at any point in time.

Daily interests are released in DB3 tokens, prices may fluctuate. Clients may execute token-to-token exchanges within DB3, or execute withdrawals in fiat currencies such as US dollar, Ringgits, Chinese Yuan etc.


A balanced investment strategy has strict requirements for capital control, in minimising idling funds. Hence DB3 will control the amount of cryptocurrency entering into DB3 system,
and clients will be able to view the deposit quota at any point in time.

Asset Control

DB3 Digital Crypto Banking do not invest for the sake of investing.We believe that strict asset management is one of the best returns we can give to our clients.

Price Control

DB3 Deposit Control can effectively prevent huge fluctuations in market volume movements, allowing for stable growth in token prices over time.


DB3 Chat App is developed by our DB3 Tech Team, directly integrated with DB3 crypto wallet system.


- Free to use

- Encrypted chats, server will not store chat data

- Built-in DB3 Digital Crypto Banking functionalities in storing cryptocurrencies

- Red Packet feature, allowing users to send and receive red packets with other-users

- Support 6 languages


Various events and activities will be offered for clients to participate and enjoy chances to win a wide range of prizes.DB3 will also organize gaming activities for DB3 token holders to participate in, with attractive prizes such as smartphones, luxury watches, and luxury cars to be won!

DB3 strives to build a fun, exciting and vibrant blockchain community for DB3 users to indulge in!


DB3 Token Circulation 30 million

Price at launch USD 0.2

- 10% Business Collaboration

- 20% Tech & Management

- 70% Market Operation

DB3 digital bank CFD CFDS

DB3 digital bank USES an advanced "Contract for Difference" trading approach, which gives customers a simple way to trade in different markets without physically holding the tool. When prices rise, open long positions; When the price goes down, open a short position. Traders will get more trading opportunities and profit from the price difference. CFD trading will be more flexible and convenient, so CFD trading has many advantages over direct trading of assets.


- When the market has more DB3 Tokens than the company,The company has to buy back sufficient tokens from the market, to ensure its own supply can meet interest expenses. Hence encouraging clients to make withdrawal.

- When the company has sufficient tokens to meet interest expenses, the rate of token appreciation will likely slow down.

This is similar to the concept of operating fiat currency. A country will buy back its currency to avoid declining exchange rate, the more money it‘s national reserves hold, the greater the value of its currency or the ability to maintain the value.


Withdrawals will lead to DB3 Token price appreciation,

For every 3 DB3 Tokens withdrawn, 1 token will be burned, eventually retaining 20 million DB3 Tokens in circulation.

As the amount of tokens decreases, token price will appreciate,

For every 10,000 tokens burnt, DB3 Token price will increase by USD0.01 per token!

Hence, upon burning 10 million tokens, DB3 Token price will have appreciated by USD 10!


DB3 Token price is expected to rise to USD 1-2 in 2020, with a growth rate of 5-10 times!

In 2022, token price is expected to reach USD 15-20 !

One multi-purpose

There are many opportunities for quick access to various financial markets and highly liquid assets through one account.

Large profit margin

Leverage is used to increase profit potential.

The cost is very low

Low cost transaction, no commission.

Two-way trade

Two-way positions can be opened without restriction.

Unlimited space

Easy transactions anywhere in the world via the DB3 digital banking platform.

If you want to ask "what is DB3 digital bank CFD CFD trading?"

For example, suppose that the initial price of alibaba stock is $100, and you buy a $1,000 contract of alibaba stock. If the share price rises to $105, the seller pays the buyer the difference of $5,000. If alibaba falls to $95, the buyer pays the seller $5,000. CFD does not require direct ownership of shares, allowing investors to avoid registration of asset ownership and the associated cumbersome fees.

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